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Friday, December 17, 2010

My dear followers, if you are still out there...

Dear Followers,

I must apologize. I haven't been on to update my blog like a good girl.

But with good reasons. It started out with normal busy schedule. Which then turned into court dates for my daughters child support, and court for my works comp case. But that isn't what has kept me away, no my fiancee and I have been looking to buy our first home. We found the perfect little house for us. 3 bed, 1 bath, and an AMAZING yard (and we all know how us witches LOVE our space outside!) But the part of keeping us busy has been the fact that every step we take, we get washed backwards 3 steps and have to move forward again. We have gone through all the steps and so far everything is looking fabulous. We have a tentative closing date in mid January, so we are excited to get going and get our butts over there.

I have been busy crafting between appointments, running, and now sleeping off this darn flu bug.
Since Morrigan and I got the flu we have been lazy little girls together. Napping all day and sleeping all night (you'd think we could sleep away this bug.)

Crafting wise I have done an Event Plaid blanket, a Spiral Flower wall hanging, a Doll, and currently working on a flower scarf. I will have pictures of everything to post after the holidays when everyone has received their gifts <3

Friday, November 26, 2010

(2/2) good update (not from my phone) soon! Thanks my followers for being loyal! <Melz *))>
(1/2) Sorry for the never blogging. Been busy with many things. Court, house hunting for our first home, doctors, dentists, and holiday crafting. I'll post a

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My newest creation, Shower Soap and Body Scrubber

I was thinking useful items for the people on my Christmas/Yule list. I sat down with some yarn (that's amazingly soft when wet) and crocheted and made a soap holding body scrubber! No patterns used, just did. This one was a birthday gift from my friend Stefanee. But I liked how it turned out so now I am toying with the idea of making multiples for gifting! LOL

Bath/shower body scrubber. Made from 100% cotton yarn. Which is wonderfully  soft when wet. The body color is called Desert Sun with a detailed leaf/flower in a sparkly white 100% cotton yarn.

The bag is approximately 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide. This specific bag is made with double crochet. The top is treble crochet every other post to create the holes to put the drawstring though.

Just wet the bag with a bar of soup inside and scrub away! The yarn suds up nicely and remains soft to your skin.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet Gauze, Newest Morg Bunnyz!!

Gauze, the newest member of the Morg Bunnyz family!
His name comes from the fact that he has had more gauze inside his wounds that any the other Morg Bunnyz. No one is exactly sure where the little bun got his stitches. All that is know is he has a cast on his right leg during a tragic movie going incident.

He is an orange bunny with black sparkle stitches down his back and across his belly.
Being a Morg Bunnyz he had to have something "wrong" with him that I did. He gets a cast on his right leg. The cast is made from some Celestial print ribbon I had.

He also has a "brushed" crochet tail to give it that cute fluffy appearance.

Gauze was created for a friend of my sisters, Short-San. He will be delivered to his owner next week!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Enjoy the Music video of my family and I

At the top of the page I invite you all my wonderful followers to watch a music video of My Mother, My Father, My Fiancee, My Sister, and Myself. Feel free to leave comments or make your own!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's orange and has stitches?

A new Morg Bunnyz of course!

Recently a friend of my sisters ordered a Morg Bunnyz. An orange bunny with stitches. So it's now a work in progress! The head if halfway done, next attaching eyes and then on to the body and limbs. This one will have all the limbs and will be a "full" bunny.
The colors are the same as Massacre, but this bunny will be just as unique as all the others were.

Today I am going to work my butt off on him, seeing as my Mum is coming over for a craft day and dinner with my family. Fingers are crossed my Dad will get off work in time to eat dinner with us too!

On a side crafty note, I was thinking of trying to crochet with my hemp cording. I wonder how it would turn out. Maybe I will try it out...Anyone tried that before? Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yule gift Crocheting! And new orders!

I started one of the yule gifts a few nights. It looks adorable! I am using a free pattern found on By Hook By Hand Blog. I had the idea given to me from a fellow crafter, on Craftster.

The first doll I have started is an elf doll in purple for my Daughter, Morrigan. It is turning out adorable so far!

Yesterday, Tomy the Turtle was delivered to his owner (Zoe, a friend of my sisters)

and is now being well loved! Now I have two new orders to complete along with a nice long list of holiday gifts. Along with my cousin now promoting my stuff!

So my current running list of creations is as follows
  1. Orange stitched Morg Bunnyz
  2. Palm sized Penguin
  3. Holiday Gifts
Hopefully everything goes smoothly with my creations so I can get these all done before long!

On a side note: I am NOT ready for snow. It's too cold and it seems that it is getting ready to start the snow season.
For a quick pick-me-up dinner when it gets cold I have a recipe I will have to post soon for an amazing tomato basil soup. It always seems to warm me up inside!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tomy The Turtle Done

The turtle that was ordered is now completed.

His name is Tomy (toe-me), he is the perfect palm size. He has two big black eyes, and a teal colored shell. The camera make it look too blue (sorry), and a black circle detail on the back of his shell.

Tomy is smaller than the other turtles. He is just a baby. He recently hatched from his egg and is on his way to his new home. His favorite food is Lettuce. He loves hugs.
But he is afraid of frogs. All he remembers from living in his egg is hearing the "ribbit ribbit" of frogs. He thought it was a hungry monster!

Now I am going to start crocheting Yule and Christmas gifts. While trying to get some stuff ready for my Etsy shop. Yay for holiday season approaching WAY to fast! I hope everyone had a great Samhain (Halloween)!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween!

Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween!
I want to Welcome all you to my Witchy Halloween Party Post.
Enjoy all the wonderful party goes this Samhain.

I welcome you through a trip of our Halloween (or at least the beginning of it!) We have plenty more planned for this evening! My Mother, Dear Friend, and I are having a circle.   My Father and Fiancee are taking my Daughter Morrigan Princess Peach... a Halloween Kids Fall Party and Possible Trick-or-Treating!

We have our Pumpkins out and ready to welcome you all!
We have...
An Easter Island Head, By my Fiancee Alex

Jack Skellington, By my Sister Amy

Maleficent, by My Mum Teresa

Kitty, by Me
And The SpongeBob Pumpkin that Morrigan Princess Peach and her Grandpa carved/drew!  

And a special bunch of pumpkins that adorn our wall...
Created by Morrigan, Amy, My Mum, Me

We hope everyone has a Magical Samhain and a Wonderfully Scary Halloween!

A Candle to Light your way to bother Blog Party Posts.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My beautiful gift recieved!

Yesterday we stayed with my mother since I had no power in my house. So when my fiancee went home to check the mail he called me to tell me....My package arrived! He brought it over for me to open.

Opening the box I was bouncing with excitement. Inside was ...

The perfect witch hat for my Alter!! I just LOVE it! It reminds me of Scarecrow from The Wizzard Of Oz! I absolutely love the little flower on it. It is so cute and fits perfect on my statue of Bast. So now her kitty form has an adorable witch hat to wear!

Also inside was a fortune telling miracle fish! I haven't seen one of these since I was younger. And I never had one of my own! I adore the little fish! I always love a good way to get my fortune told every morning! It was also fun to go to everyone in my Mum and Dad's house and make them hold the fish!

So I want to thank Kat over at Kat in the Hat Lady for such a great Halloween Gift! I can't express how much I love it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy Day

It was a windy day today. The aftermath of yesterday's "storm." Morrigan and I spent today listening to the wind blow outside the door. Watching leaves make mini tornado's around the patio. We ended up discussing why the wind blows (which isn't easy when the 3 year old wants to constantly just asks "why" LOL) we decided the wind was blowing because the rest of the leaves needed to come down.

After she got to bored of Momma and the wind she ended up watching Dora the Explorer. After that it was Pony time. In which I get bombarded by tons of My Little Ponys trying to ask me questions and tickle me. Morrigan has a love of ponies and making them "get" me.

She also had to read me her Halloween Book. Which included her looking at the pictures and telling me each one was a "monster" and tickle me for it! It was funny.

Since today started off with a nice (not) head ache I didn't accomplish much in crocheting. I did however start to set up a Craftster account and a Wist list. I am new to both but figure it couldn't hurt to check out all these websites I hear about but have never joined.

I am currently exploring Craftster, Ravelry, and Wist. If anyone has any advice about these sites, I wouldn't mind knowing. Being new to all this stuff is kinda fun, but also kinda annoying when I read about it, but can't figure it out lol!

Ooo and on a side note while at the store tonight (which I didn't realize it was trick or treat night and Morrigan wasn't dressed up {she got cookies anyway}) I got the three soft yarns for the young girls Yule (Christmas) gifts from me. I had an issue picking colors. Luckily they are close in age, all between 1-3. I ended up with a brighter teal color, a pearly bright pink, and a pearly purple. 

Now the question is...What am I going to make 3 of for their gifts? I bought safety eyes so the toys will be kid safe. Just gotta figure out what to make them...

Soon I will be posting pictures of the gift I made for someone. But I haven't heard if they have opened the gift yet. So in case I ruin the surprise for that someone I haven't posted pictures. When I hear from them, I will post pictures. I think it turned out awesome!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy day turned into...nothing?!

Everyone prepared for a huge storm front heading towards us this afternoon, my daughter and I were no exception. We got blankets in the living room, movies for her to watch, and a pile of My Little Ponys and their castle (for her) in case power went out. I had my new shows on the computer ready to watch, crocheting ready to be worked on, and candles and books (for me) in case the power went out. We waiting and watched the sky turn that angry gray color.

The wind picked up and as every leaf blew past the window, Phoebe our cat, smacked her face into the sliding door trying to catch it (LOL) Soon the rain came and ...

That was it. The rain continued and with wind was up a little. But now the sun is out and it's nice.

So while we snuggled and played (waiting for the storm haha) I crocheted a bunch more of my hat and sat it aside to start the turtle that was ordered. So far he has a head! HAHA I think once he gets all his parts he will be a cute little turtle! Morrigan spent most the day playing ponies (watching Goofy Movie) and somewhere along the day she stole my DS and ended up playing pokemon!

After all today turned out to be pretty nice and no disasters!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Home and Blogging!

Last weekend was my cousin's wedding up in Onaway, MI. It was a very nice and she looked Beautiful! I am so happy for Amanda and Josh. I have plenty of pictures to post, just got to get off my butt and edit and clean them all up before posting them! of course I am delaying the inevitable because there are 100s!

The weather though....Oi.... Gotta love Michigan...I guess! It went from nicer weather where I live to cold and rainy all weekend up north. When we got back down state yesterday it was warm and windy! Really? Does one state have to have such different weather same day of 4 hours apart? Now with all the weather change I have no voice. So taking care of my three year old is exciting. I can't talk loud enough to even get her attention. If I repeat her name she will eventually look at me! HAHA

On crocheting matters, I am working on my first ever attempt at a hat. Hoping it turns out well!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Cat, Nero...Done! Why am I irregularly blogging?

I have recently been busy in real life and all over the place mentally and physically! Yet I have completed the Black cat (After having waiting for a shipment of Cat Eyes) And getting some last minute help from my mum!
Here is his page...He turned out great, he is a brushed crocheted cat.

Now that the cat is finished I have to get my butt ready for my cousins wedding this weekend.
I will be starting the turtle this weekend!

In my "irregular blogging" this past week I have recently been creating a petition on a forum website I have played on for years. I have been spending much time fighting this issue out. I would like your opinions (leave me a comment.)

They created an item to place on your avatar, it portrays slices and scars on the arms and wrists of your character. They call it "Scar of Coward". Personally with my life and my friends/family that have committed, attempted, or feel suicidal I feel this item is completely distasteful and disrespectful. People are not "cowardly" for cutting, they need help, they are in pain.

It also seems to me by creating an item that shows this, doesn't it seem like they are promoting it? A lot of kids/teens are easily swayed by media and the internet. If it's cool to have them on here, does that make it cool in real life?

Since I have been spending much time debating this on the other site, what are your opinions? What are your feelings? Am I doing right by asking them to "Remove/Rename" such an item?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long weekend of fun!

This past weekend has been extremely fun....and busy!

We started with a trip to visit family and ended with a Circle at my Mums house last night! For the circle we made my Broccoli Cheese Soup for dinner and delicious Moon Cookies for desert.

We worked as a healing and meditation circle last night and had such fun doing it! I love a good chance to get all witchy and visit the gang. We consist of my Mother, my Sister, my Great Aunt, my Mothers Best Friend (my mom #2), my Dearest Friend, my Daughter, and Myself. The circle we did was for a cousin of mine to write a paper for her college religions class. I think she enjoyed herself and really had fun! I know I did!

In terms of my crafts, I am still waiting on my delivery to finish the black cat and then do the turtle and then create some more things to put on Etsy. I have the cat about 90% done. It looks so adorable!

I am off to crochet and take some time to catch up on some shows!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crystal Treasures finds

Yesterday I went to Crystal Treasures to find a pentacle to wear until my Moldavite one returns to me. They always have the most amazing things there. And I always end up spending a fortune and getting something for everyone there!

I found the perfect Angel for my mother. A wonderful book for my little sister (hoping it will be good for her.) My father needed a new chain for his Saint Christopher, so we got a nice snake chain there for him. My fiancee found a Garnet chunk to wear. I found for myself a Moldavite ring, and an amazing pentacle, that is inside the center of a star! I love the fact that it goes perfect with my bone moon necklace!

I am hoping to get the supplies to finish the two orders I am currently working on. I am still waiting on them to be delivered. I was hoping to get them before we leave for out of town this weekend, that way I can work while we are at my fiancee's parents house. If not I will have to finish early next week on the cat and begin the turtle order. Seeing as I have a wedding to be at next weekend.

Such a busy busy month! But I love October either way!

Tonight I am going over to my mums again to visit her and a friend of ours for dinner. Then we are heading home to pack for the weekend trip! I won't blog again until probably Monday, so I wish everyone a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Irregular Blogging! Oh No!

Due to real life being busy with doctors and kids and well life, I have been irregularly blogging these past few days. But I am hoping to get back on the right schedule and get this done daily!

Currently the black cat is done except the supplies coming in the mail, then after I finish he will be perfect!
The gift that I can't disclose is done by the crocheting part but I have got to finish the other parts.

Tonight my Fiancee and I have to go birthday shopping and I have to see if I can find a new pentacle...Mine seems to have run away since about a month back. After searching high and low, and having my mother help me and scrying for it...nothing. It is a beautiful Celtic one with a teardrop of Moldavite on the bottom.
But since it is on the run, I am going to "Crystal Treasures" (drool, the most amazing Witchy store around here!) to get a present for someone, and possible get a pentacle that calls to me (I hope one does!)

So today is a day where I am hoping to visit my Mum again, work more with our stones, and then shopping. (while shopping is not my favorite thing to do, Crystal Treasures IS my favorite store to go to!)

Hopefully I will have a nice picture or two to share tonight!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One present done! And found all my stones!

Today has been very productive and good on my part. I finished one crocheted gift (sorry can't post pictures until this one is delivered.) It turned out better than I hoped!

I also (with help from my fiancee) found my missing stones! Much like my mother I am an avid stone collector, and one missing set of stones was driving me CRAZY. But now that almost all my stones are together I feel a little more complete!

Although now my pentacle is missing :( It's a beautiful sterling silver Celtic design with a Moldavite pear shaped stone. I want to find it before Samhain, but I cannot find it. My mum and I are hunting around for it. I have high hopes of finding it! LOL
Good news I still know where my Alexandrite ring is...I just can't wear it anymore I lost to much weight and it falls off! HAHA

Anyway, tomorrow after doctors I plan to visit my mum and work with stones, so probably no new pictures of my creations yet (sorry!) But I will take some pretty pictures of my stones!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Late post...Fun weekend...Apple Orchard!!

**Side note I have just now realized that I won Kat in the hat lady's blog party post! I am so excited! I can not wait to get my hat! I am so excited! I know right where it's going to go! Thank you Kat for the great giveaway and I can't believe I won something! haha!**

We went to the apple orchard yesterday. Had a great time!

I also gave my friend her birthday present. I made her a crocheted Owl "necklace" (I have come to accept I CANNOT make birds! haha). He is better as a rear view mirror hanger in a car, at least I think. (Oi, really he isn't as cute as I had hoped lol)

I have ordered some eyes and supplies for the newest items I recently had ordered. I hope everything turns out as well as I have it pictured in my head!

So far the brushed crocheted Cat I had ordered is almost done, should be done by the end of the week. I have to start the turtle that was ordered next and one gift I have to have done for another friend. I like actually having stuff to do! Keeps my brain working and my hands busy!

Soon I am hoping to get our new dresser all organized and I am going to set up my alter on top of it, so it's usable and out where it can be seen (right now its crowded and up so high no one can see/use it.) But I have my "portable" version for when I am doing my spells and such. I just would like to have it out all the time, just so hard in a small apartment (and with a 3 year old! lol)

This month is so busy I am sorry for the late updates, but it seems this October is jam-packed! lol
Forgive my slow and late pictures and updates!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Filling orders, Visiting friends, and Finding Books!

I worked on the black cat some more today. Lots of crocheting...and seems like I spent more time pulling it out! lol. Gotta love designing patterns and trying to get them just right. (yeah right, lol)

I called it quits early on crocheting today, got to visit a friend I haven't seen in about a year and a half! It was so nice to get to see her! You never realize how much you miss someone until you see them for a few and have to leave again.

After the nice visit we ran to the store to grab some stuff we needed at home, and I still can't believe it but I found some of my favorite books there at an amazing price! They had the "Sweep" novels in larger volumes, three books in one. So I bought the first two and realized I can finish my other book now without fear of having nothing to read! If you have never read the Sweep series, it is a fictional young-adult (but trust me All ages can love it) Wicca series. It is very fast paced reading. It is one of the series once you start one, you just keep going until you know how it all ends. There are 15 novels in all.

And tomorrow I plan to crochet and get that darn Cat body right (haha) and help my daughter with her Halloween foam greetings so she can give them out to the family. She keeps telling me it's her "School" for tomorrow.

And I will hopefully have pictures after Sunday of the apple orchard. We are going to try hard to have a big family trip there Sunday! The weather here is suppose to so nice and warm this weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Etsy store open, on to the next creation.

I put two items for sale in my Etsy store. The Halloween Globe and Narcy the Baby Morg Bunnyz. So my store is official open.

I began working on designing the black cat that was ordered. I am trying the new technique of brushing the yarn to give it a "fur-like" look and feel. I also got a small gift done for someone. Didn't turn out like I wanted (lol) but I will post pictures of it once it is delivered as a gift. HAHA Gosh I am hoping that the person who gets it will like it.

Current Orders to Fill:
1) Black Cat
2) Turtle

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Globe Finished

I finished off the globe and I love it. I will have it up for sale soon on Etsy, along with "Narcy" the Baby Morg Bunnyz.

The globe will come with a small crocheted black cat, tombstone and mini pumpkin inside. Everything has been tacked down with hot glue to ensure it will not move during shipping.
It will also come with the option of one battery operated candle. The buyer has choice of the color of candle. There is Purple, Black and Orange.

Candle Color Choices

What is inside the globe.

 The finished project.

I am off to finish my next crochet creation!

Halloween Kitty done

I finished my black cat last night and got the pictures ready to post today. Not I have to figure out how to finish the globe. I want it done so I can get it up for sale and shipped before Halloween!
So without further ado, here is my mini Halloween Kitty

She has two pointed ears, and a curly tail. She fits into the globe and I am seeing how I can make her fit with the tombstone and pumpkin.
I will take some finished pictures of that too!

Morrigan is asking for lunch now, so I will post pictures of everything later this evening (as long as tonight goes easier than last night.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini Tombstone and Mini pumpkin

So far inside that glass bowl I posted earlier I have created a little tombstone and a mini pumpkin. Now before I retire to bed I am going to post an updated picture.

Honestly I don't know what to make next to finish this little thing off tomorrow, I am hoping it will come to me tonight!

Ideas that have been given to me (by mostly Onee-Chan and my Mum thanks girls <3 you)
Black Cat, Witch, Cauldron, Bats, Spider, Headless Horseman, Scarecrow, and much more.

I will see tomorrow what I have come up with! I will post pictures of the finished jar before putting up for sale!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

Halloween Crazy

I have been crocheting all morning and watching the trees outside our sliding door. The leaves are changing into such beautiful colors, I love fall!!! We now have pumpkin lights across both living room walls and I am just going Halloween crazy! I have to finish the last witch hat, I have to get a few more of my Morg Bunnyz done, but I have been doing so many different things at one time that I have to pick one and finish!

Last night I didn't get on here due to a fun family movie evening! Which we watched "Monster House" and my daughter loved it. While we watch I was trying to come up with an idea.

See I have a small round open glass container on feet (my mother gave it to me) and I just kept thinking "I need to crochet a Halloween theme inside that."

Well with much thought and comments from my mom, I have finally decided what I am going to do with it. It is definitely going to be a one of a kind item, and I plan to get it done between today and tomorrow and get it up for sale in time for Halloween.

Now fingers crossed it comes out perfect!

Here is a picture of that glass bowl my mother gave me (keep in mind I have to clean it and fill it with little crocheted things and decorate it up. This is just how I received it.)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Narcy, the first Baby Morg Bunnyz!

Narcy is a 100% wool, hand dyed, hand felted, Baby Morg Bunnyz.

As with most baby animals, Morg Bunnyz are born adorable! No bodily issues! Except for the fact they are born without limbs (don't worry they grow in and get altered with stitches when they reach their teenage years!) And they are born with extra long ears, they wrap themselves in their ears for warmth, since they lack limbs to hug themselves, and tails. Baby Morg Bunnyz are born with little tiny tails to help them keep their balance.

This little Morg Bunnyz has her eyes shut. The name Narcy is from narcolepsy, since everyone knows babies sleep all the time! Her little shut eyes are sewed with shimmer yarn, so you can see some sparkles in her shut eyes.

I hand felted her to give her a fuzzy feel and appearance. Due to her felting she is tinier than when she was originally hand crocheted. She is much tinier than the older Morg Bunnyz. And just waiting to be loved!
This was little Narcy before she was hand felted...

And this is the little Bunny after her felting...

You can see here how tiny she is to the other Morg Bunnyz. The pictures don't show quite how fuzzy she got after her felting. Since she is so tiny and her ears so long, they actually started to bend during felting, I think the look is adorable and helps her stand on her own!

Narcy will be going up for sale in my Etsy store soon. I am hoping to get a few more ready for inventory before putting them out there. If anyone is interested in buying her ahead of time, contact me and I will give you her price information, and we can set up a private Etsy sale! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New bunny, New hat to do

After my doctors appointment (while getting my prescriptions filled) I found my perfect witch hat. Green with a veil! I love it. I also got a hat and the stuff to make another center piece in return for a dresser we had given to us.

I have started the wool baby bunny, and I think I am going to felt him. I bet he will look cute all fuzzy.

I will post updated pics of everything soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cold, rainy weather and a sick kid....Crocheting day!

Since today is just plain yucky outside weather (Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and I don't mind if being cool, just not good to go out in.) And my daughter woke up with a worse cold, so today we have spent snuggled on the couch watching Dora the Explorer and me crocheting.

I spent today altering my pattern to make a "Baby Morg Bunnyz" this one is going to be 100% wool, hand dyed, and tiny! So far it has a tiny body and tiny head with sleeping eyes. I believe I am going to name this one Narcky ({pronounced nar-key}if a boy) Narcy ({pronounced nar-sea} if a girl) (Narcolepsy) since it is sleeping!

Hopefully done tomorrow with pics! I will do the usual preview and then photo shoot!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crocheting break, Witch Hats here I come!

I decided in honor of all the Breath taking blogs I have seen over the weekend at the practical magic party, that I wanted to use some the old witch hates laying around my mum house to make into beautiful Witchy center pieces for her table, my table and my sisters bedroom.

So today I am working on those. I am going to take some before and after shots and I will post pictures tonight!

Alright they are all done, so enjoy the pictures! I only glued myself to my cellphone and the spiderwebs once! HAHA

Had fun with the hats and my family before I took them!

3 hats become beautiful witchy center pieces

Hope everyone enjoyed (or is still enjoying) the blog party! At 200+ participants, I am still going through them!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blogging Party!

First I want EVERYONE to check out the awesome give away that Blue Faerie is having. Check out her blog to see it (her button is on the right, follow this link Dancing with a Spatula Wand!)
I would also love for EVERYONE to check out the amazing give away on Judith's blog (Merlin's Magickal Mistress Follow the link, Merlin's Magickal Mistress )
Another wonderful give-away for this Party is found on Shaiha's blog! Check it out! (Follow the link Shaiha's Ramblings)
Another beautiful blog party entry and give-away can be found on Scrap Vamp's blog! Another must see for us all! (Follow link: Scrap Vamp)

Another great blog that should be visited... Faerie Sage Kitchen, I love how Faerie Sage has taken the time to point out how important symbols are. We all have a symbol attached to us!
We also know every good witch needs her wand in hand and Lenora kindly left me a link to her blog and how to make one... How to make a Wand

In honor of the AMAZING movie and book Practical Magic, I am contributing a picture I made of my favorite part of the movie...

I really don't have much to say, other than this has to be my favorite part of the movie and I wanted to post it somewhere.

I love the spell she does and the fact that she does it to NOT fall in love.
Such a wonderful backfire!

In a man I know the traits I would look for...
  1. Truthful to me and everyone else, no two faced guys
  2. Open minded
  3. Ready for anything, Common lady's when your with a Witch...Anything can happen!
  4. Loving of everything and everyone in my family. Family fights aren't my thing
  5. I want a guy who "fits" 
  6. Love being able to see a guys eyes...I don't like their eyes being hidden
What does everyone else look for in their men? What would you ask for in the spell? Would you cast it to find the guy, or like Sally, Never find him? Would you be as specific as her? "Favorite shape..." Or would you be general like me?

Check out all the blogs participating in this at Practical Magic Party

Next Bunny Begins

Since I have all the special orders done, I am going to work on some random bunnyz I have sketched out for inventory.
I have started with my 100% wool, hand dyed yarn. This bunny looks like it may be the first baby sized Morg Bunnyz!

Since there is no new update other than starting a project I am going to post my recipe for the Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Broccoli Cheese Soup 
  • 2 bags frozen chopped Broccoli
  • 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
  • 2 cans of broccoli cheese soup
  • 3 cups milk
  • Half a block of Velveeta (or equivalent) cheese
  • Chunks of ham
  1. Steam the broccoli (cut small slice in bag and microwave until soft)
  2. Put the 4 cans of soup in a large pot on medium heat until soups are creamy
  3. Chop the half a block of cheese into small pieces and put into soup
  4. Add the milk to the soup and cheese mixture
  5. Add the broccoli and ham to the soup and cheese and milk mixture
  6. Leave on low heat until warmed through
  7. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Schizo, the Masquerade Bunny

Meet the newest addition to the Morg Bunnyz family. Schizo.

The first Female Morg Bunnyz. She was once the most beautiful bunny of them all. She was at a masquerade ball when her boyfriend left her for another bunny. Distressed she felt her heart break (hence the star shaped stitches over her heart). She awoke after having lost her heart to find her arm missing. She quickly put on her Mask and vowed to never show her true face again.
Schizo gets her name from the medical condition because she cannot figure out what are her memories of her past life. She just keeps dancing in her own world of Masquerade music.

Schizo is a special Morg Bunnyz for many reasons. She is the first two colored (body and one ear) bunny, she is the first female bunny, she is also the first bunny with an accessory. Her Mask is hand crocheted with a beaded metal pin connecting her hand to her mask. She has her stitches done in the black shiny yarn, her body and ears are made of yarn that is partial recycled plastic bottles. She has two eyes that are old pearl like buttons.

Her adoption certificate is done too! She is ready for her new home!

Lunch, Sewing, Pictures, Story, and bouncying ideas

Today will hopefully have tons of creative energy. I am going to eat lunch and finish sewing up the newest Morg Bunnyz, and get her photo shoot and story posted.
I need to print off the next two adoption certificates for the Morg Bunnyz to go with the last two finished.
I am also bouncing around ideas for my sketchbook program I am taking part in.
My theme is "Secret Codes."
And tomorrow is the Practical Magic blog party! I am really hoping my daughter sleeps tonight so I can get up and get going on passing some witchy love along to all the blogs!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Masquerade Bunny Preview

Morg Bunnyz newest addition isn't done but I did a preview of it, like with Massacre, to show the buyer what she looks like. She is also the first female Morg Bunnyz.
She doesn't have a name yet (or a story line) but she should be finished tomorrow and ready for her photo shoot!

She has a hand crocheted mask that I created myself without a pattern in pink yarn. She also has two eyes which are old pearl looking buttons.
Her body is also the first of the Morg Bunnyz to have two colors.
She has one arm (and will not have another) and she has her tail and will have two legs and two ears. Many of which will be stitched on with the stitch colored yarn.

Happy Mabon Everyone!

Happy Mabon everyone! I hope everyone enjoys this Harvesting Holiday!

I am going to harvest some lavender out of my garden soon!

Seeing as I haven't made a great jump in anything I am making, I made a great homemade dinner last night. I will include the recipe for last nights dinner.Sorry for no pictures of either, we ate it as soon as it was done!

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Chicken Breasts
Boxed Stuffing (or homemade)
Golden Mushroom Soup
Swiss Cheese

  1. Pre-heat over at 350degrees
  2. Grease an over safe deep pan and place a "bed" of hash browns on the bottom.
  3. Cut the breasts in half (leaving connected but with a "pocket" to stuff) and place in a ziplock bag. Using a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin, pound the meat thinner.
  4. Make the stuffing to the directions of "in the bird" and have ready.
  5. Lay the chicken breasts out and place a half a slice of Swiss cheese inside each one
  6. Fill the chicken breasts with lots of stuffing and close the pocket. 
  7. Place the chicken breasts on the hash browns.
  8. Drizzles some of the golden mushroom soup on each breast. Sprinkle with seasoning of choice (and salt and pepper)
  9. Bake in oven for 45 minutes
  10. Enjoy
I don't always use exact measurements when cooking. But it turned out Great!
I served it with some Acorn squash too.

I will post my next recipe probably tonight - Homemade Broccoli Cheese soup, with ham!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Renaissance Festival, a Crafting break, and A Proposal!

We decided last minute yesterday to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. So this being an all day thing I didn't do anything crafty (nor did I have to cook.) But I did get quite the surprise. My boyfriend decided to propose to me on a little bridge in the festival!

My Mum, my little sister and I had just done a "Gemstone Mining" thing, where you get a bag of rocks at the end, so my boyfriend took my bag of stones and hid the ring in there and told me I missed something!  After I found the ring he asked me to marry him! We had a crowd watching from behind us!

It's a beautiful dark blue opal, no picture can do it justice

So today I get to catch up on being crafty and post pictures of our RenFest fun!

My Mum went as a Lady, my Sister was a Belly Dancer, my Daughter was a Fairy, my Fiance was a Knight, my Dad was ... himself? and I went as a Gypsy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crocheting, Sketchbooking, and Cooking

Seeing everyone putting recipes on their blogs makes me want to share mine with everyone. I am thinking the nights I haven't had any huge progress in my crocheting and yarn I will post something I made or am making. Seeing as it's becoming fall I am getting ready to cook my homemade tomato basil soup and the blood orange salad dressing. I find both those foods are my fall comfort foods.

I haven't finished my harvesting yet, but my friend (and second follower Onee-Chan) is supplying my yarn harvesting with many sweaters.

I am also now participating in a sketchbook program with my mother. It is an amazing program that she found.

As for the crocheting progress I am making the current bunny dual colored body and multicolored limbs!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Creative Juices Flowing

I have my blog on facebook, I have one follower (YAY First follower Blue Faerie).
My mum showed me an amazing sketchbook program so I am thinking of ways to work with that too!

As for my Morg bunnyz, I started working on the purple bunny. I sketched out a tons of designs and now I am going to work on one that I think is perfect!

Of coarse when it is done, there will be a photo shoot and pictures uploaded!
Now I have a full cup of coffee, Morrigan (my daughter who is my creative helper) is playing with her toys and watching her show, I am ready to crochet for a few hours and turn on some background noise!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yarn Harvesting

After a long morning of court and a long day of old friends returning I managed to cut apart a sweater and harvest one and a half sleeves so far. I have lots of purple "curly" yarn hanging around now! 
I hope that I can use the harvested yarn for a cute Morg Bunnyz.

What was a sweater...

Is now Yarn!

I also have 4 skeins I originally bought that is made of partial recycled plastic bottles.
Maybe a whole "Going Green" Recycled bunny.

Visiting family and friends now and sketching out a new bunny or two before bed tonight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hand Dyed Wool Yarn

I have the sketches done for the new Morg Bunnyz and my wool yarn dyed. The two yarns turned out great for a first try! The red one reminds me of Samhain (Halloween). The multi-colored yarn is just fun looking. I can't wait to see how they crochet up!
Those are my balls...of yarn! The colors are really bright (took the picture while outside with my daughter). There is no yellow in ball number two, all the looks yellow is really green!
I am thinking of a few options to make (after the next special order is done) to create to put into my shop and fill my inventory.

If anyone has any idea's of bunnyz or wants to order one, drop me a line or leave a note on here! Thanks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween bunny complete, Meet Massacre

The newest member of the Morg Bunnyz has be created. Meet Massacre,

A little orange and black bunny that work up one day to have been carved up much like a Jack-O-Lantern! He managed to escape with one ear still intact and one black arm he found and stitched to himself. Sadly he never found his tail. It appears he had to have his head stitched back on after he was taken apart to carve! But his head and left leg are securely attached again. He realized how hard it is to balance without a tail and second ear, But he has realized how to use his one ear to hold himself up just fine. Now he sits with his arms outstretched just hoping to be hugged and loved, like he once was before waking up all carved and stitched up.
Massacre was a custom order I received.
Next I begin working on a Dark and Light Purple Morg Bunnyz

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween, adoption certificate

It seems that as the weather gets cooler, I get more and more anxious for Samhain (Halloween). My Halloween themed Morg Bunnyz that was ordered is turning out tons cuter than I originally planned (my bad sketches didn't do the real thing any justice.)

I did hand dye some of my 100% wool yarn. One color turned out to be what I call a "Harvested Red" and the other came our with some green, purple, pink, and red. I have no clue what to call that one yet!

Here is a sneak peak at the newest Morg Bunnyz appearance 

I am going to post the steps to create a Morg Bunnyz. I will not include the pattern (sorry!)

Before anything else I sketch out a design pattern to basically follow/change if needed for the ordered or original designed Morg Bunnyz.
  1. Body is crocheted.
  2. Body is embroidered or anything special is added to it.
  3. Body is stuffed full, then finished off, and the ends are weaved in.
  4. Head is crocheted.
  5. Head is embroidered and decorated.
  6. Head is stuffed full, then finished off, and the ends weaved in.
  7. Check the sketch to determine which limbs/appendages are needed. Also see if any additional items or accessories needed. Anything past here is OPTIONAL based on the order or sketched design.
  8. Arm(s) are crocheted, stuffed full (edit-learned by trial and error...Do not stuff arms!!), and finished off with long tail to sew into the body.
  9. Leg(s) are crocheted, stuffed full, and finished off with long tail to sew into body.
  10. Tail is crocheted, stuffed lightly, and finished off with long tail to sew into the body.
  11. Ear(s) are crocheted and finished off with long tail to sew into the body.
  12. Again looking at the sketch it is decided where to use the "stitches" yarn to make it appear as if the limbs/appendages aren't "fully attached" (which all parts I create are UNLESS specifically ordered or sketched to have "half attached/half dangled.")
  13. Assemble the pieces together and sew them together using the tails of the crocheted pieces.
  14. With the "stitches" yarn to make the stitches on the body and limbs.
  15. Give the Morg Bunnyz his/her own photo shoot, then create their individual Adoption Certificate.
  16. The Morg Bunnyz is now ready for his/her adoption!

Here is an example of the adoption certificate and the first owner of a Morg Bunnyz