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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crocheting break, Witch Hats here I come!

I decided in honor of all the Breath taking blogs I have seen over the weekend at the practical magic party, that I wanted to use some the old witch hates laying around my mum house to make into beautiful Witchy center pieces for her table, my table and my sisters bedroom.

So today I am working on those. I am going to take some before and after shots and I will post pictures tonight!

Alright they are all done, so enjoy the pictures! I only glued myself to my cellphone and the spiderwebs once! HAHA

Had fun with the hats and my family before I took them!

3 hats become beautiful witchy center pieces

Hope everyone enjoyed (or is still enjoying) the blog party! At 200+ participants, I am still going through them!

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