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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crocheting, Sketchbooking, and Cooking

Seeing everyone putting recipes on their blogs makes me want to share mine with everyone. I am thinking the nights I haven't had any huge progress in my crocheting and yarn I will post something I made or am making. Seeing as it's becoming fall I am getting ready to cook my homemade tomato basil soup and the blood orange salad dressing. I find both those foods are my fall comfort foods.

I haven't finished my harvesting yet, but my friend (and second follower Onee-Chan) is supplying my yarn harvesting with many sweaters.

I am also now participating in a sketchbook program with my mother. It is an amazing program that she found.

As for the crocheting progress I am making the current bunny dual colored body and multicolored limbs!

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