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Monday, September 20, 2010

Renaissance Festival, a Crafting break, and A Proposal!

We decided last minute yesterday to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. So this being an all day thing I didn't do anything crafty (nor did I have to cook.) But I did get quite the surprise. My boyfriend decided to propose to me on a little bridge in the festival!

My Mum, my little sister and I had just done a "Gemstone Mining" thing, where you get a bag of rocks at the end, so my boyfriend took my bag of stones and hid the ring in there and told me I missed something!  After I found the ring he asked me to marry him! We had a crowd watching from behind us!

It's a beautiful dark blue opal, no picture can do it justice

So today I get to catch up on being crafty and post pictures of our RenFest fun!

My Mum went as a Lady, my Sister was a Belly Dancer, my Daughter was a Fairy, my Fiance was a Knight, my Dad was ... himself? and I went as a Gypsy.

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