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Friday, September 10, 2010

Scalpel and a Morg Bunnyz Overview

Meet Scalpel the first of the Morg Bunnyz.
Scalpel (copyright 2010 Melissa Wickings)

He is an adorable little least until he woke up one morning missing limbs and an eye. He even had his heart sewn back in, the little guy went though a lot. After much crocheting and sewing he is given a name, Scalpel. Now Scalpel is a pieced together little guy who recently got adopted.

All Morg Bunnyz are created and designed by me, I give each one a name and a short story (like the short paragraph story above) which will be written in the listing. When they are bought they come with an adoption certificate such as this one...
The one received with the Morg Bunnyz will have their name on the line on top and their picture in the middle.

I plan to start making some Morg Bunnyz with recycled material, and some with hand dyed 100% wool yarn. Everyone will be a little different and each one will need a home to be loved in!

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