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Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Home and Blogging!

Last weekend was my cousin's wedding up in Onaway, MI. It was a very nice and she looked Beautiful! I am so happy for Amanda and Josh. I have plenty of pictures to post, just got to get off my butt and edit and clean them all up before posting them! of course I am delaying the inevitable because there are 100s!

The weather though....Oi.... Gotta love Michigan...I guess! It went from nicer weather where I live to cold and rainy all weekend up north. When we got back down state yesterday it was warm and windy! Really? Does one state have to have such different weather same day of 4 hours apart? Now with all the weather change I have no voice. So taking care of my three year old is exciting. I can't talk loud enough to even get her attention. If I repeat her name she will eventually look at me! HAHA

On crocheting matters, I am working on my first ever attempt at a hat. Hoping it turns out well!

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