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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Cat, Nero...Done! Why am I irregularly blogging?

I have recently been busy in real life and all over the place mentally and physically! Yet I have completed the Black cat (After having waiting for a shipment of Cat Eyes) And getting some last minute help from my mum!
Here is his page...He turned out great, he is a brushed crocheted cat.

Now that the cat is finished I have to get my butt ready for my cousins wedding this weekend.
I will be starting the turtle this weekend!

In my "irregular blogging" this past week I have recently been creating a petition on a forum website I have played on for years. I have been spending much time fighting this issue out. I would like your opinions (leave me a comment.)

They created an item to place on your avatar, it portrays slices and scars on the arms and wrists of your character. They call it "Scar of Coward". Personally with my life and my friends/family that have committed, attempted, or feel suicidal I feel this item is completely distasteful and disrespectful. People are not "cowardly" for cutting, they need help, they are in pain.

It also seems to me by creating an item that shows this, doesn't it seem like they are promoting it? A lot of kids/teens are easily swayed by media and the internet. If it's cool to have them on here, does that make it cool in real life?

Since I have been spending much time debating this on the other site, what are your opinions? What are your feelings? Am I doing right by asking them to "Remove/Rename" such an item?


  1. I have to agree with you, cutting is not cowardly often it is done because a person feels that their physical body is the only thing they can control. Also scars like that could also be interpreted as attempted suicide scars. Either way it is not cowardly and it in most likelyhood (80%) effect and influence teens and young adults. Not the right message to send and really a message that states that the forum is completly ignorant of mental illness, depression etc. Keep up the battle!

  2. Thank you Faerie Sage! I feel very deeply on this issue and it hits close to home with my friends and family.
    It's good to know that I have support in my efforts!

  3. I don't think you're in any way wrong for asking them to remove it. Cutting is never something to be connected with cowardliness. The people I've known to have cut at some point in their lives, did so because they felt they had nowhere else to turn. It's one of the deepest forms of loneliness any person can experience. I would hope that the forum isn't making light of others physical, but more importantly emotional, pain.

    And wOoT for random posting! It makes the rest of us all that more eager to read the next one. :P

  4. Thanks Blue Faerie. I don't think they meant to poke fun, I really think it's one big screw up on their behalf. But honestly it is very distasteful, and you are right, it is the deepest form of loneliness and like Faerie Sage said also the only thing they feel they can control. It's definitely not cowardice.

    Lol! Yeah it has become random posting between real life and blog life. But true it does make me wait (im)patiently for everyone to update when it's random!