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Friday, October 15, 2010

Crystal Treasures finds

Yesterday I went to Crystal Treasures to find a pentacle to wear until my Moldavite one returns to me. They always have the most amazing things there. And I always end up spending a fortune and getting something for everyone there!

I found the perfect Angel for my mother. A wonderful book for my little sister (hoping it will be good for her.) My father needed a new chain for his Saint Christopher, so we got a nice snake chain there for him. My fiancee found a Garnet chunk to wear. I found for myself a Moldavite ring, and an amazing pentacle, that is inside the center of a star! I love the fact that it goes perfect with my bone moon necklace!

I am hoping to get the supplies to finish the two orders I am currently working on. I am still waiting on them to be delivered. I was hoping to get them before we leave for out of town this weekend, that way I can work while we are at my fiancee's parents house. If not I will have to finish early next week on the cat and begin the turtle order. Seeing as I have a wedding to be at next weekend.

Such a busy busy month! But I love October either way!

Tonight I am going over to my mums again to visit her and a friend of ours for dinner. Then we are heading home to pack for the weekend trip! I won't blog again until probably Monday, so I wish everyone a GREAT weekend!!

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