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Friday, October 8, 2010

Filling orders, Visiting friends, and Finding Books!

I worked on the black cat some more today. Lots of crocheting...and seems like I spent more time pulling it out! lol. Gotta love designing patterns and trying to get them just right. (yeah right, lol)

I called it quits early on crocheting today, got to visit a friend I haven't seen in about a year and a half! It was so nice to get to see her! You never realize how much you miss someone until you see them for a few and have to leave again.

After the nice visit we ran to the store to grab some stuff we needed at home, and I still can't believe it but I found some of my favorite books there at an amazing price! They had the "Sweep" novels in larger volumes, three books in one. So I bought the first two and realized I can finish my other book now without fear of having nothing to read! If you have never read the Sweep series, it is a fictional young-adult (but trust me All ages can love it) Wicca series. It is very fast paced reading. It is one of the series once you start one, you just keep going until you know how it all ends. There are 15 novels in all.

And tomorrow I plan to crochet and get that darn Cat body right (haha) and help my daughter with her Halloween foam greetings so she can give them out to the family. She keeps telling me it's her "School" for tomorrow.

And I will hopefully have pictures after Sunday of the apple orchard. We are going to try hard to have a big family trip there Sunday! The weather here is suppose to so nice and warm this weekend.

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