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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Irregular Blogging! Oh No!

Due to real life being busy with doctors and kids and well life, I have been irregularly blogging these past few days. But I am hoping to get back on the right schedule and get this done daily!

Currently the black cat is done except the supplies coming in the mail, then after I finish he will be perfect!
The gift that I can't disclose is done by the crocheting part but I have got to finish the other parts.

Tonight my Fiancee and I have to go birthday shopping and I have to see if I can find a new pentacle...Mine seems to have run away since about a month back. After searching high and low, and having my mother help me and scrying for it...nothing. It is a beautiful Celtic one with a teardrop of Moldavite on the bottom.
But since it is on the run, I am going to "Crystal Treasures" (drool, the most amazing Witchy store around here!) to get a present for someone, and possible get a pentacle that calls to me (I hope one does!)

So today is a day where I am hoping to visit my Mum again, work more with our stones, and then shopping. (while shopping is not my favorite thing to do, Crystal Treasures IS my favorite store to go to!)

Hopefully I will have a nice picture or two to share tonight!

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