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Monday, October 11, 2010

Late post...Fun weekend...Apple Orchard!!

**Side note I have just now realized that I won Kat in the hat lady's blog party post! I am so excited! I can not wait to get my hat! I am so excited! I know right where it's going to go! Thank you Kat for the great giveaway and I can't believe I won something! haha!**

We went to the apple orchard yesterday. Had a great time!

I also gave my friend her birthday present. I made her a crocheted Owl "necklace" (I have come to accept I CANNOT make birds! haha). He is better as a rear view mirror hanger in a car, at least I think. (Oi, really he isn't as cute as I had hoped lol)

I have ordered some eyes and supplies for the newest items I recently had ordered. I hope everything turns out as well as I have it pictured in my head!

So far the brushed crocheted Cat I had ordered is almost done, should be done by the end of the week. I have to start the turtle that was ordered next and one gift I have to have done for another friend. I like actually having stuff to do! Keeps my brain working and my hands busy!

Soon I am hoping to get our new dresser all organized and I am going to set up my alter on top of it, so it's usable and out where it can be seen (right now its crowded and up so high no one can see/use it.) But I have my "portable" version for when I am doing my spells and such. I just would like to have it out all the time, just so hard in a small apartment (and with a 3 year old! lol)

This month is so busy I am sorry for the late updates, but it seems this October is jam-packed! lol
Forgive my slow and late pictures and updates!

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