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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long weekend of fun!

This past weekend has been extremely fun....and busy!

We started with a trip to visit family and ended with a Circle at my Mums house last night! For the circle we made my Broccoli Cheese Soup for dinner and delicious Moon Cookies for desert.

We worked as a healing and meditation circle last night and had such fun doing it! I love a good chance to get all witchy and visit the gang. We consist of my Mother, my Sister, my Great Aunt, my Mothers Best Friend (my mom #2), my Dearest Friend, my Daughter, and Myself. The circle we did was for a cousin of mine to write a paper for her college religions class. I think she enjoyed herself and really had fun! I know I did!

In terms of my crafts, I am still waiting on my delivery to finish the black cat and then do the turtle and then create some more things to put on Etsy. I have the cat about 90% done. It looks so adorable!

I am off to crochet and take some time to catch up on some shows!


  1. You are so incredibly lucky to be able to get your witchery on with your family and friends. I'm the only witch in my clan and I definitely envy you. Sounds like it was a truly magical night.

  2. It wasn't always this way. My mother and sister didn't always feel the same way. But after a few years of me practicing they joined me :) I do feel very lucky to have a family that does these things together. But I also enjoy some alone time. It was a very nice and magical night. It feels good to do a get together and release some pent up energy.

    We are always open to new people joining or anyone interested but always seems to be our "core" group that gets together the most :)