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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Narcy, the first Baby Morg Bunnyz!

Narcy is a 100% wool, hand dyed, hand felted, Baby Morg Bunnyz.

As with most baby animals, Morg Bunnyz are born adorable! No bodily issues! Except for the fact they are born without limbs (don't worry they grow in and get altered with stitches when they reach their teenage years!) And they are born with extra long ears, they wrap themselves in their ears for warmth, since they lack limbs to hug themselves, and tails. Baby Morg Bunnyz are born with little tiny tails to help them keep their balance.

This little Morg Bunnyz has her eyes shut. The name Narcy is from narcolepsy, since everyone knows babies sleep all the time! Her little shut eyes are sewed with shimmer yarn, so you can see some sparkles in her shut eyes.

I hand felted her to give her a fuzzy feel and appearance. Due to her felting she is tinier than when she was originally hand crocheted. She is much tinier than the older Morg Bunnyz. And just waiting to be loved!
This was little Narcy before she was hand felted...

And this is the little Bunny after her felting...

You can see here how tiny she is to the other Morg Bunnyz. The pictures don't show quite how fuzzy she got after her felting. Since she is so tiny and her ears so long, they actually started to bend during felting, I think the look is adorable and helps her stand on her own!

Narcy will be going up for sale in my Etsy store soon. I am hoping to get a few more ready for inventory before putting them out there. If anyone is interested in buying her ahead of time, contact me and I will give you her price information, and we can set up a private Etsy sale! Thanks!

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