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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One present done! And found all my stones!

Today has been very productive and good on my part. I finished one crocheted gift (sorry can't post pictures until this one is delivered.) It turned out better than I hoped!

I also (with help from my fiancee) found my missing stones! Much like my mother I am an avid stone collector, and one missing set of stones was driving me CRAZY. But now that almost all my stones are together I feel a little more complete!

Although now my pentacle is missing :( It's a beautiful sterling silver Celtic design with a Moldavite pear shaped stone. I want to find it before Samhain, but I cannot find it. My mum and I are hunting around for it. I have high hopes of finding it! LOL
Good news I still know where my Alexandrite ring is...I just can't wear it anymore I lost to much weight and it falls off! HAHA

Anyway, tomorrow after doctors I plan to visit my mum and work with stones, so probably no new pictures of my creations yet (sorry!) But I will take some pretty pictures of my stones!

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