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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy day turned into...nothing?!

Everyone prepared for a huge storm front heading towards us this afternoon, my daughter and I were no exception. We got blankets in the living room, movies for her to watch, and a pile of My Little Ponys and their castle (for her) in case power went out. I had my new shows on the computer ready to watch, crocheting ready to be worked on, and candles and books (for me) in case the power went out. We waiting and watched the sky turn that angry gray color.

The wind picked up and as every leaf blew past the window, Phoebe our cat, smacked her face into the sliding door trying to catch it (LOL) Soon the rain came and ...

That was it. The rain continued and with wind was up a little. But now the sun is out and it's nice.

So while we snuggled and played (waiting for the storm haha) I crocheted a bunch more of my hat and sat it aside to start the turtle that was ordered. So far he has a head! HAHA I think once he gets all his parts he will be a cute little turtle! Morrigan spent most the day playing ponies (watching Goofy Movie) and somewhere along the day she stole my DS and ended up playing pokemon!

After all today turned out to be pretty nice and no disasters!

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  1. Rats! I get so miffed when that happens. Mother Nature looks like she's gearing up for a wonderful storm that just begs for you to hunker down where it's warm, and then nothing. But I'm glad you got to crochet and hang out with your daughter. :)