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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy Day

It was a windy day today. The aftermath of yesterday's "storm." Morrigan and I spent today listening to the wind blow outside the door. Watching leaves make mini tornado's around the patio. We ended up discussing why the wind blows (which isn't easy when the 3 year old wants to constantly just asks "why" LOL) we decided the wind was blowing because the rest of the leaves needed to come down.

After she got to bored of Momma and the wind she ended up watching Dora the Explorer. After that it was Pony time. In which I get bombarded by tons of My Little Ponys trying to ask me questions and tickle me. Morrigan has a love of ponies and making them "get" me.

She also had to read me her Halloween Book. Which included her looking at the pictures and telling me each one was a "monster" and tickle me for it! It was funny.

Since today started off with a nice (not) head ache I didn't accomplish much in crocheting. I did however start to set up a Craftster account and a Wist list. I am new to both but figure it couldn't hurt to check out all these websites I hear about but have never joined.

I am currently exploring Craftster, Ravelry, and Wist. If anyone has any advice about these sites, I wouldn't mind knowing. Being new to all this stuff is kinda fun, but also kinda annoying when I read about it, but can't figure it out lol!

Ooo and on a side note while at the store tonight (which I didn't realize it was trick or treat night and Morrigan wasn't dressed up {she got cookies anyway}) I got the three soft yarns for the young girls Yule (Christmas) gifts from me. I had an issue picking colors. Luckily they are close in age, all between 1-3. I ended up with a brighter teal color, a pearly bright pink, and a pearly purple. 

Now the question is...What am I going to make 3 of for their gifts? I bought safety eyes so the toys will be kid safe. Just gotta figure out what to make them...

Soon I will be posting pictures of the gift I made for someone. But I haven't heard if they have opened the gift yet. So in case I ruin the surprise for that someone I haven't posted pictures. When I hear from them, I will post pictures. I think it turned out awesome!

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