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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet Gauze, Newest Morg Bunnyz!!

Gauze, the newest member of the Morg Bunnyz family!
His name comes from the fact that he has had more gauze inside his wounds that any the other Morg Bunnyz. No one is exactly sure where the little bun got his stitches. All that is know is he has a cast on his right leg during a tragic movie going incident.

He is an orange bunny with black sparkle stitches down his back and across his belly.
Being a Morg Bunnyz he had to have something "wrong" with him that I did. He gets a cast on his right leg. The cast is made from some Celestial print ribbon I had.

He also has a "brushed" crochet tail to give it that cute fluffy appearance.

Gauze was created for a friend of my sisters, Short-San. He will be delivered to his owner next week!

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  1. Aw, I like Gauze! He turned out cute!! Good job sweetie!