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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's orange and has stitches?

A new Morg Bunnyz of course!

Recently a friend of my sisters ordered a Morg Bunnyz. An orange bunny with stitches. So it's now a work in progress! The head if halfway done, next attaching eyes and then on to the body and limbs. This one will have all the limbs and will be a "full" bunny.
The colors are the same as Massacre, but this bunny will be just as unique as all the others were.

Today I am going to work my butt off on him, seeing as my Mum is coming over for a craft day and dinner with my family. Fingers are crossed my Dad will get off work in time to eat dinner with us too!

On a side crafty note, I was thinking of trying to crochet with my hemp cording. I wonder how it would turn out. Maybe I will try it out...Anyone tried that before? Any suggestions?

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