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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yule gift Crocheting! And new orders!

I started one of the yule gifts a few nights. It looks adorable! I am using a free pattern found on By Hook By Hand Blog. I had the idea given to me from a fellow crafter, on Craftster.

The first doll I have started is an elf doll in purple for my Daughter, Morrigan. It is turning out adorable so far!

Yesterday, Tomy the Turtle was delivered to his owner (Zoe, a friend of my sisters)

and is now being well loved! Now I have two new orders to complete along with a nice long list of holiday gifts. Along with my cousin now promoting my stuff!

So my current running list of creations is as follows
  1. Orange stitched Morg Bunnyz
  2. Palm sized Penguin
  3. Holiday Gifts
Hopefully everything goes smoothly with my creations so I can get these all done before long!

On a side note: I am NOT ready for snow. It's too cold and it seems that it is getting ready to start the snow season.
For a quick pick-me-up dinner when it gets cold I have a recipe I will have to post soon for an amazing tomato basil soup. It always seems to warm me up inside!

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