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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Memories Give-A-Way DRAWING

Well it seems that my give-away only had one entry...So that makes for an easy win! HAHA!

Congratulations to Teresa over at Rhainnon's Tid Bits I can't wait to see the scrapbooks you make!

Remember everyone you can still use the code: STMMMS70725

You will receive $10 off of the program, and a $10 coupon for their online store!
(note: I will receive a commission for your order.)

Thanks everyone for reading my post, even if you didn't enter!

Teresa-I will send you an email with the information for your free program!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chakra Zun Scarf

Forgive my delay at posting, my daughter and I have been sick and I haven't had the chance to post an update!

I finished my special Zun Scarf, which became a gift for my inspiration friend, the Chakra Zun Scarf!!

The scarf if created in the same way the other Zun Scarves are created. 2 skeins crocheted in rows carrying the yarn up the side 'braiding' it. I used one color so that the Chakra colors were the main focus.

Each Chakra color circle is hand crocheted and then hand sewn on with black yarn.

The scarf is approximately 8' long by 2.5" wide.

My give away ends soon! Enter your name for a chance for free digital scrapbook software!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New scarf completed

Just a quick teaser photo as to what the new scarf will look like... So check out the picture at the bottom for a clue!


And another reminder, join my give away, everyone could use a free scrap booking software before the holidays (right?!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Memories Scrapbooking GIVE AWAY!

Hello everyone!

I am going to host my first ever give away! The give away will run 2 weeks! The drawing will be held on October, 4th 2011.

Recently I was contacted by My Memories to host a give away of their scrap booking software. So who was I to say no? Since the holiday seasons are just around the corner I am especially excited to try this out! I know I am not the only one interested in digital scrap-booking. I have been waiting to do the perfect scrap book of all my creations, only I haven't actually sat down to do it until now!

I started using the program as soon as I downloaded it. I was amazed at how easy it was to get started. Not only does it offer you blank pages to start with, but you can start with their ready to go pages. Making it easy to just quickly fill in with your own pictures.

Personally I loved making my own pages. The program walks you right through all the steps. You can pick your background paper, you can pick where you want the photo (and if you want to edit the photo), and from there forward it's all fun and customized.

There website includes a large amount of Digital Scrap Booking Kits you can purchase to add on to your program, and the wonderful creators at My Memories even have a whole selection Free Digital Scrap Booking Kits to download and add to your collection!

I love playing with all the embellishments. It's fun to see what kind of appearance I can create. The pages I have started, are created to show off my creations. Take a look!

Now the fun part, you can win your very own free version of My Memories Suite. A $40 dollar program for free! (Who could say no to that?!) I am going to give you several chances to enter you name too!

But if you don't win, or you can't wait to win, I do have a coupon code just for you!
Enter this code when you go to purchase My Memories Suite


You will receive $10 off of the program, and a $10 coupon for their online store!
(note: I will receive a commission for your order.)

To enter to win my give away you have several chances to put your name in.

1) Follow this blog and my other two blogs (one entry per blog followed) (Inspired Change and Through the Eyes of Dolls)
2) Go to and leave me a comment here on what item you loved the most on their website.
3) Follow my facebook page (Melz Creations)
4) Post in your blog about my give away with a link back to this page!

In your comment tell me which numbers you have completed and which blogs you follow (so I know how many times to enter your name) tell me what item you love on, and give me a link to your post about my give away!

Still interested in My Memories but unsure? Check out their blog, facebook, and twitter! (Don't forget to follow them)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spider Web (Glow in the Dark) Scarf

This scarf is made from a spiderweb pattern I attempted to recreate by looking at it. That black is shimmer yarn and the white is glow in the dark yarn. Each web is approximately 4 inches. 52 inches in total for the scarf.

Each Web created seperate and then joined together.

The scarf is all hand crocheted and designed by Melissa of MelzCreations.

Falling Leaves Scarf

My hand designed and hand crocheted Falling Leaf Scarf. This scarf is 5.5 inches wide by 73 inches long. The scarf is wide stripes of Coffee and Cafe colored worsted yarn. Each leaf is hand crocheted (and each is unique) by me, then hand sewed on with matching yarn.

The leaves are all in unique fall colors.

The complete scarf and design is created by Melissa of MelzCreations

Breezy Scarflette

This decorative 'scarflette' is created for looks, not warmth, haha!

The circle you pass the leaves through is hand dyed wool yarn (I dyed last year) and the leaves are matching. The Scarflette strands are worsted red yarn. Each leaf was hand crocheted and sewed on.

There are three leaves to this scarf. This scarf is 35 inches long. It can also be used as a belt.

I plan to make a matching one to this except with snowflakes in place of leaves.

Scarflette designed and hand made by Melissa of MelzCreations

Most Recent Creations

Zun Scarf - Inspiration to Thrive for your own Happiness

I have a few creations ready to show. Recently I have been unable to sleep so I have been busy at night creating away. For an upcoming craft show, and possible sale to a local store I have been crafting some new and unique scarves. I have photos to soon upload on each one.

My recent ones include:
1) Spider Web Scarf with glow in the dark yarn and black sparkle yarn.
2) Falling Leaf Scarf with large stripes of color and hand crocheted and sewn on leaves of all fall colors.
3) Breezy Leaf Scarflette with hand dyed red wool yarn.

And my special scarf I am keeping (but reproducing now)
My Zun Scarf. It is made of about 207 stripes (A whooping 8 foot long scarf!) of alternating colors. If you are curious why it is called a Zun Scarf and what it stands for please see my other blog Inspired Change.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Thinking Ahead

It's been too long since I sat down and actually thought out a blog entry, or for that matter actually took pictures and posted them. I have apologized here multiple times but I feel like it doesn't make up for it. So I decided after much thinking this morning I was just going to sit down and write out something.

Summer has been so busy this year it's been crazy. Weddings, Graduations, Parties, Funerals. It hasn't been an easy year for any of us, yet we are pulling through and constantly moving forward. We found out my daughter won't be entering the school district that we are in until she is 5 years old so we have one more year of me and her being a stay at home family before we does off into the world of school. And I enter the world of sleep-overs, homework, field trips, and more. I know my daughter is ready, although I just don't feel like I am ready. Since she is going to be home for the next year we have been planning ways to keep busy through the upcoming fall and winter.

This summer, since we are in our new house, my daughter has been tending to our first garden. We have managed to grew two large spaghetti squash and 6 huge cherry tomato plants. We have been picking those daily and resulted in tons of healthy snacks, even though she won't always eat them!

As I had mentioned earlier we have been planning ideas to keep busy. We are planning a Samhain/Halloween costume party for our first party here at the house and we are hoping that we get a good turn out. So far a few friends and family members have been helping me come up with ideas to get ready for it. I am hoping to get some pictures posted as we get things ready for the party. (Yes I am aware I am months ahead of time, but I am hand making much of the party favors/decorations so they will take at least a month.) I am at least planning to crochet black and glow in the dark spiderwebs for the windows, and some sort of little gift for the kids showing up to the party.

 My inspiration for the glow in the dark and black spiderwebs:

Crochet Curtain by babukatorium, on Flickr

Again I am hoping this kicks me in the butt to get back to blogging regularly. This next week I will be away on vacation but I am going to try and see if I can at least get some good photo's to blog about when I return home.

Thanks my loyal readers who have put up with my long absences!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Merlin's Magickal Mistress, the Amazing Judith has a give away!

Yes I know I am a bad blogger, I have been away far too long, and then come back to promote a contest. But I don't think it's a big deal so...

Judith over at Merlin's Magickal Mistress is having an amazing give away! Check it out and remember to follow her blog!!

Hugs to Judith!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

I am a bad blogger, forgive me

I have spent way to much time away from the blogging community. I know I need to kick myself in gear, especially before fall gets here. I cannot wait to see all the fall and Samhain themed blogs this year. (Not that I am in a hurry to get rid of summer, I am enjoying it.)

I have been spending a lot of time doing to many different things to list! I have recently realized I like making different and unique pieces of chain maille. I hope to have a few pictures to show what I have made. But recently a lot of the time I spend taking photos is photos for contests of the BJD.

I have updated my facebook page with all the crocheted things I have completed recently. Feel free to check them out, here.

Again sorry for being away to long, I will try and get myself in gear and not keep forgetting for postponing the updates!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visit my other Blog, please

I have been busy blogging away reviews of the two BJD I have recently gotten. In my new blog
Through the Eyes of Dolls
I also have plenty of photos there. All clothing you see in their pictures are hand made by me. I am hoping to make more clothing for them, and possible get another size doll to make more clothing in many different sizes.

Sorry for short blog, but right now I am being dragged outside by my daughter! So off to pose dolls and get more pictures!

I hope everyone has a great day and please follow my new blog if you are interested in it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the Swing of Blogging

To help encorage my blogging even further (since I really need to get myself on a schedule!) I have created as second blog. This blog is totally for my addiction to BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls.) Recently I have been doing more with the dolls.

For Mother's Day I received a Hujoo Berry and hence forth my addiction has started again. Back in 2008 (my first Mother's Day) I received a Volks Dollfie Plus. I have always wanted a BJD and that was what started my love of them. This year I decided that it was something I really did want to invest some time into. These dolls are actually something I selfishly want for me to have fun with.

I also bought a Hujoo Wings this year, I figured it would be more fun to have a couple to take pictures of and make clothing for. So far I was right. My Volks is precious to me, since she was designed to look like my daughter, so she usually gets outfits, but she stays on my shelf over looking my crafting.

My Hujoos are more for fun and posing and clothing. I also have used them to design a story line. I have been craving to sit down and write but I didn't have an actual idea until recently. So my little Hujoos have helped me there. Now I have to get off my butt and start writing!

As for my crafting, lets see...
I have been crocheting Amigurumi (which appeared two posts ago.)
I have been crocheting Clothing for my BJD
I have been sewing Clothing for my BJD
I have been drawing (I haven't scanned yet)
I have been writing tid bits (One is posted on
I have been being "crafty" with doing peoples hair (I never got pics)
I have been playing with digital arts (Eventually I will post, for now they aren't great, just some anima/manga scans I have made backgrounds out of)

As for my Paganism...
I have been clearing and working on our house
I have been growing some plants and caring for our yard
I have been working more with my stones (I have an awesome Zen Garden for them now)
I have been reading more on different aspects
I have been meditating more

So there is a snapshot of my last few months away from my dear blog! So enough talk, here are some pictures of some of the things I have been up too...

Volks Dollfie Plus, Gardenia, in her hand crocheted "Criss Cross" Bikini {Based off an item in an online game}

Hujoo Wings, William, in pants that were once blackout curtains, and a hand crocheted vest.

Hujoo Berry, Iliana, in a hand crocheted Rainbow skirt and shirt. Also a hand crocheted choker with a tiny flower charm.

My Zen garden! Also Ilia is wearing a silk skirt with crocheted belt and crocheted pink tube top. William is wearing his first pair of pants, out of a shimmery brown material.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trying out my blogger app...

As a trial post I'll also mention that starting last Sunday my Mother, my Cousin, my Best Friend, and I have started dieting together. So I'm hoping to be able to post some yummy and healthy recipes. Plus it should help me to remember to blog daily if I keep a side note at the end of each post about how well I'm doing, sound like a hood idea?

Well since Sunday I personally have done well. I've eaten my points for the day each day. So far I've had one extra point. It's so much easier to diet with the buddy system!

Been away for far to long! Crocheting update with pictures!

I wonder... Do I have any readers left?

Ah, Well it's been a while. I guess I let life get a hold of me and hold me away from my blog for way to long! Though I have remembered to check on almost everything else. Now that we have our own Internet I can start blogging again! I also have my own laptop now so I have reliable computer and Internet! YAY!

I did get my craft room all done and set up. I have a few pictures to post of it, but I sadly have them on my other computer. So for now I will just have to explain. My craft area half of our spare room (other half is Alex's big computer and book shelf.) We painted our walls a bright light green and I have my own table now. It's a nice place for me to work and relax. I have an awesome corner shelf hung on the wall, my table is right under the window (nice light,) I have two of the tall white plastic drawers and one smaller one under my desk. They are all filled up with crafting fun stuff! I also purchased ten canvas-like totes, which I play to build shelves for so I can fill them with more of the craft stuff slowly taking over the floor!

I have been keeping busy crocheting many things in the past few months since we moved and got settled in. I created a Bride and Groom for a friend of mine who is getting married. They are about 2.5 to 3 inches tall. I also have crocheted two chibi (tiny form) Sunako (A manga/anime character from The Wallflower aka Perfect Girl Evolution) dolls, one was about 4 inches tall, the other was a cell phone charm. I also crocheted an Axel (from Kingdom Hearts) cell charm. The cell charms are around one inch tall each. I did start a starghan (star shaped afghan) to see if I can do it. So far it's looking pretty good, it's about lap size as of now. I have been working on and off again on a Corset type shirt for my mother. It's looking pretty good (even though I am not use to making clothing!)
The Bride and Groom, they sit inside a heart I crocheted

Both Sunako

Cell Phone Axel
I am still taking orders on items to create, as always I am creating them without patterns. I have recently gotten into using threads to crochet (that's how the cell charms are created!)

I will post again soon (in probably a half hour or so) on my newest crafting addiction! I hope to get back into daily (or bi-daily) posts! Please stay with me while I get back into the swing of blogging regularly!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Craft Room Inspirations

Seeing as I have been bit by the spring cleaning bug, I have started by designing my craft space. I also have been brainstorming for my Mums space too. After combing through article after article and blog after blog of crafty-room-goodness I have come up with some clear facts to follow for room in which you are going to *store* everything and rooms in which you will be sitting and creating.

My room is going to be half a computer office space for my Fiancee (and our bills and such), and half my crafty space and storage. Plus our little rats are going to be living in there too so they have to have a little space for themselves.

So far some main points I have discovered on creating the perfect craft space are...

  • Try to have open storage along the back of desk area but out of "work area" to keep universal items within reach (ex. scissors, pencles, pens, paper.)
  • In smaller rooms use corners and height if lacking in room space. Consider "built ins" to provide a more open feeling to the room.
  • If you're a multi-crafter such as myself, "zone" parts of your crafting area and keep the associated items in that area.
  • A great option is closed storage for the bulk of your items keeps it looking clean and organized when they are closed off.
  • Painting your room an inspiration color and adding matching storage will allow it to blend in and make the room look bigger without appearing to be lost.
  • When doing several crafts consider "vertical slat wall" storage to allow a quick glance to see what you have.
  • For the room that is mainly storage and no real "creative space" consider canvas containers for easy portability and easy re-organizing.
  • When organizing many little craft parts consider jars for buttons and threads or accessories. A good idea for using baby food jars (or other screw top jars with metal lids) is to screw the lid to the bottom of your shelves to allow you to see what you have without them taking up precious desk and shelf space.
  •  Paint creative designs to help create a feel and inspiration to the room.
  • Plants and natural items can invoke a tranquil feeling to your room.
  • Hang inspiration pictures, whether it be family/friends/nature/quotes/works of art.
  • Rails with hanging baskets makes it easy to bring the things you need to you and the ones you don't moved out of the way.
  • Staggered storage shelves create space and eye catching details.
  • Magnetic wall stipes create the perfect way to hold all those metal necessities (and nestibilities) out of the way.
  • In a small room A mirrored wall creates the illusion of more natural light and a larger space.
  • Display colored pencils in a long box to get a good look at the way the colors look together
    in the light. Plus it look pretty!
  • For those of us with "mini crafters" who are usually attached to our hips, Shelves near the floor with baskets containing family friendly craft items make it easy for the young crafters to work with their family. Also a low desk or table with an equally little chair gives them their own "personal messy work space" and also allows them to visit us while we are busily crafting away.
  • For those of us who use glitter in our crafts a great way to store and use them is in salt and pepper shakers.
  • A brightly colored drastic rug in the middle of the room can inspire and bring the color to the room, plus it can bring a much needed sense of creativity to a small space without having to re-paint the whole room.
  • For those who change crafts in the middle of one for a quick change of pace consider a wrap around desk, which allows you to easily move from one craft to the next without having to put away the first craft.
  • Yarn stores much better in open cubicles or wall mounted XXXX (wine-rack) shelving styles
    allowing you to see what the yarns look like next to each other in natural light. Another great idea I have read about was re-using old coffee cans. Decorating them and screwing them into a board onto a wall allows you to fill them with the yarn, and have them within reach and still out in the open.
  • One contrasting color wall is always a creative touch in a room.

So there are some of the ideas I have recently found and read. I am going to begin working on my crafty space soon. I will make sure to get some good before and after photos :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I haven't been around much. I'm Sorry!

In the past few months my life has definitely changed. My daughter, fiancee and I moved from our cramped one bedroom apartment to a wonderful and spacious three bedroom house! While I haven't updated much I have been crafting still while I have still had down time.

Our new house, and my daughter sitting on the steps! You can also see our cat in the right window lol!

For the holidays I crafted many of the gifts we gave our family and friends.
I made tons of bath body scrubbys, event plaid "blankets", a doll, a flower wall hanging, a Yeti, a few scarves, and more. Only thing I used a pattern for was the doll. I created everything else by myself. Which does make me proud!

I also have recently done an amigurumi Pony {See link at bottom of this post} for my daughter. Since she kept asking me to make her a pony to go with her millions of My Little Pony toys that take over the whole house!

I have decided since I have been doing plenty of little crafts I was going to try something a bit bigger. So I am currently crocheting a "Corset" like Dress for my Mum.

I have also had a few more get togethers with the group of family and friends to do our magick workings. Last one we did was the first at my new house. It went well, it was very nice to have my own place to host one of our get togethers. The craft we did that night was we all decorated little purse sized notebooks to hold our special affirmations that mean the most to each of us individually. When I get a pic of my book I will be sure to post it!

I also completed my sketchbook for the sketchbook project. It is currently traveling around and being show. I have received notification it has been read once! I am just excited that with so many books it has at least been seen already!

I know I need to post updated pictures, but since we don't have our own internet here at the house yet it took forever to load the one picture of the house! If you want to see the picture of my pony I did post it on craftster at this link...

My Little "Bigger" Pony

Friday, January 21, 2011

My fiancee and I close on our first house next Week. A new beginning for us. I will be returning to blogging and crafting once we settle in! Yay!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ach no internet. Must update when I have internet and chance :-/ busy trying to buy our house :D we will know if we're clear to close Friday :D <~<3 Melz~>