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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I haven't been around much. I'm Sorry!

In the past few months my life has definitely changed. My daughter, fiancee and I moved from our cramped one bedroom apartment to a wonderful and spacious three bedroom house! While I haven't updated much I have been crafting still while I have still had down time.

Our new house, and my daughter sitting on the steps! You can also see our cat in the right window lol!

For the holidays I crafted many of the gifts we gave our family and friends.
I made tons of bath body scrubbys, event plaid "blankets", a doll, a flower wall hanging, a Yeti, a few scarves, and more. Only thing I used a pattern for was the doll. I created everything else by myself. Which does make me proud!

I also have recently done an amigurumi Pony {See link at bottom of this post} for my daughter. Since she kept asking me to make her a pony to go with her millions of My Little Pony toys that take over the whole house!

I have decided since I have been doing plenty of little crafts I was going to try something a bit bigger. So I am currently crocheting a "Corset" like Dress for my Mum.

I have also had a few more get togethers with the group of family and friends to do our magick workings. Last one we did was the first at my new house. It went well, it was very nice to have my own place to host one of our get togethers. The craft we did that night was we all decorated little purse sized notebooks to hold our special affirmations that mean the most to each of us individually. When I get a pic of my book I will be sure to post it!

I also completed my sketchbook for the sketchbook project. It is currently traveling around and being show. I have received notification it has been read once! I am just excited that with so many books it has at least been seen already!

I know I need to post updated pictures, but since we don't have our own internet here at the house yet it took forever to load the one picture of the house! If you want to see the picture of my pony I did post it on craftster at this link...

My Little "Bigger" Pony

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