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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the Swing of Blogging

To help encorage my blogging even further (since I really need to get myself on a schedule!) I have created as second blog. This blog is totally for my addiction to BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls.) Recently I have been doing more with the dolls.

For Mother's Day I received a Hujoo Berry and hence forth my addiction has started again. Back in 2008 (my first Mother's Day) I received a Volks Dollfie Plus. I have always wanted a BJD and that was what started my love of them. This year I decided that it was something I really did want to invest some time into. These dolls are actually something I selfishly want for me to have fun with.

I also bought a Hujoo Wings this year, I figured it would be more fun to have a couple to take pictures of and make clothing for. So far I was right. My Volks is precious to me, since she was designed to look like my daughter, so she usually gets outfits, but she stays on my shelf over looking my crafting.

My Hujoos are more for fun and posing and clothing. I also have used them to design a story line. I have been craving to sit down and write but I didn't have an actual idea until recently. So my little Hujoos have helped me there. Now I have to get off my butt and start writing!

As for my crafting, lets see...
I have been crocheting Amigurumi (which appeared two posts ago.)
I have been crocheting Clothing for my BJD
I have been sewing Clothing for my BJD
I have been drawing (I haven't scanned yet)
I have been writing tid bits (One is posted on
I have been being "crafty" with doing peoples hair (I never got pics)
I have been playing with digital arts (Eventually I will post, for now they aren't great, just some anima/manga scans I have made backgrounds out of)

As for my Paganism...
I have been clearing and working on our house
I have been growing some plants and caring for our yard
I have been working more with my stones (I have an awesome Zen Garden for them now)
I have been reading more on different aspects
I have been meditating more

So there is a snapshot of my last few months away from my dear blog! So enough talk, here are some pictures of some of the things I have been up too...

Volks Dollfie Plus, Gardenia, in her hand crocheted "Criss Cross" Bikini {Based off an item in an online game}

Hujoo Wings, William, in pants that were once blackout curtains, and a hand crocheted vest.

Hujoo Berry, Iliana, in a hand crocheted Rainbow skirt and shirt. Also a hand crocheted choker with a tiny flower charm.

My Zen garden! Also Ilia is wearing a silk skirt with crocheted belt and crocheted pink tube top. William is wearing his first pair of pants, out of a shimmery brown material.

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