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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been away for far to long! Crocheting update with pictures!

I wonder... Do I have any readers left?

Ah, Well it's been a while. I guess I let life get a hold of me and hold me away from my blog for way to long! Though I have remembered to check on almost everything else. Now that we have our own Internet I can start blogging again! I also have my own laptop now so I have reliable computer and Internet! YAY!

I did get my craft room all done and set up. I have a few pictures to post of it, but I sadly have them on my other computer. So for now I will just have to explain. My craft area half of our spare room (other half is Alex's big computer and book shelf.) We painted our walls a bright light green and I have my own table now. It's a nice place for me to work and relax. I have an awesome corner shelf hung on the wall, my table is right under the window (nice light,) I have two of the tall white plastic drawers and one smaller one under my desk. They are all filled up with crafting fun stuff! I also purchased ten canvas-like totes, which I play to build shelves for so I can fill them with more of the craft stuff slowly taking over the floor!

I have been keeping busy crocheting many things in the past few months since we moved and got settled in. I created a Bride and Groom for a friend of mine who is getting married. They are about 2.5 to 3 inches tall. I also have crocheted two chibi (tiny form) Sunako (A manga/anime character from The Wallflower aka Perfect Girl Evolution) dolls, one was about 4 inches tall, the other was a cell phone charm. I also crocheted an Axel (from Kingdom Hearts) cell charm. The cell charms are around one inch tall each. I did start a starghan (star shaped afghan) to see if I can do it. So far it's looking pretty good, it's about lap size as of now. I have been working on and off again on a Corset type shirt for my mother. It's looking pretty good (even though I am not use to making clothing!)
The Bride and Groom, they sit inside a heart I crocheted

Both Sunako

Cell Phone Axel
I am still taking orders on items to create, as always I am creating them without patterns. I have recently gotten into using threads to crochet (that's how the cell charms are created!)

I will post again soon (in probably a half hour or so) on my newest crafting addiction! I hope to get back into daily (or bi-daily) posts! Please stay with me while I get back into the swing of blogging regularly!

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