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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thinking Ahead

It's been too long since I sat down and actually thought out a blog entry, or for that matter actually took pictures and posted them. I have apologized here multiple times but I feel like it doesn't make up for it. So I decided after much thinking this morning I was just going to sit down and write out something.

Summer has been so busy this year it's been crazy. Weddings, Graduations, Parties, Funerals. It hasn't been an easy year for any of us, yet we are pulling through and constantly moving forward. We found out my daughter won't be entering the school district that we are in until she is 5 years old so we have one more year of me and her being a stay at home family before we does off into the world of school. And I enter the world of sleep-overs, homework, field trips, and more. I know my daughter is ready, although I just don't feel like I am ready. Since she is going to be home for the next year we have been planning ways to keep busy through the upcoming fall and winter.

This summer, since we are in our new house, my daughter has been tending to our first garden. We have managed to grew two large spaghetti squash and 6 huge cherry tomato plants. We have been picking those daily and resulted in tons of healthy snacks, even though she won't always eat them!

As I had mentioned earlier we have been planning ideas to keep busy. We are planning a Samhain/Halloween costume party for our first party here at the house and we are hoping that we get a good turn out. So far a few friends and family members have been helping me come up with ideas to get ready for it. I am hoping to get some pictures posted as we get things ready for the party. (Yes I am aware I am months ahead of time, but I am hand making much of the party favors/decorations so they will take at least a month.) I am at least planning to crochet black and glow in the dark spiderwebs for the windows, and some sort of little gift for the kids showing up to the party.

 My inspiration for the glow in the dark and black spiderwebs:

Crochet Curtain by babukatorium, on Flickr

Again I am hoping this kicks me in the butt to get back to blogging regularly. This next week I will be away on vacation but I am going to try and see if I can at least get some good photo's to blog about when I return home.

Thanks my loyal readers who have put up with my long absences!


  1. Glad your around and doing well, it seems we have almost all taken breaks over this season, something in the air perhaps?
    Good to have you back

  2. Thanks Faerie Sage, It must be in the air, it does seem that everyone's been updating slower than last fall. Now to keep myself posting (Smile)

  3. That's crocheted!? Woah! I'm excited to see how your glowing version turns out! Let me know if you find a pattern. I'd love to try it out myself.

  4. Hey Blue Faerie, I made a small pattern by looking at another crocheted web. I'm going to post pictures of the glowing web scarf I did. If you like I'll write the pattern down for you.