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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New scarf completed

Just a quick teaser photo as to what the new scarf will look like... So check out the picture at the bottom for a clue!


And another reminder, join my give away, everyone could use a free scrap booking software before the holidays (right?!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Memories Scrapbooking GIVE AWAY!

Hello everyone!

I am going to host my first ever give away! The give away will run 2 weeks! The drawing will be held on October, 4th 2011.

Recently I was contacted by My Memories to host a give away of their scrap booking software. So who was I to say no? Since the holiday seasons are just around the corner I am especially excited to try this out! I know I am not the only one interested in digital scrap-booking. I have been waiting to do the perfect scrap book of all my creations, only I haven't actually sat down to do it until now!

I started using the program as soon as I downloaded it. I was amazed at how easy it was to get started. Not only does it offer you blank pages to start with, but you can start with their ready to go pages. Making it easy to just quickly fill in with your own pictures.

Personally I loved making my own pages. The program walks you right through all the steps. You can pick your background paper, you can pick where you want the photo (and if you want to edit the photo), and from there forward it's all fun and customized.

There website includes a large amount of Digital Scrap Booking Kits you can purchase to add on to your program, and the wonderful creators at My Memories even have a whole selection Free Digital Scrap Booking Kits to download and add to your collection!

I love playing with all the embellishments. It's fun to see what kind of appearance I can create. The pages I have started, are created to show off my creations. Take a look!

Now the fun part, you can win your very own free version of My Memories Suite. A $40 dollar program for free! (Who could say no to that?!) I am going to give you several chances to enter you name too!

But if you don't win, or you can't wait to win, I do have a coupon code just for you!
Enter this code when you go to purchase My Memories Suite


You will receive $10 off of the program, and a $10 coupon for their online store!
(note: I will receive a commission for your order.)

To enter to win my give away you have several chances to put your name in.

1) Follow this blog and my other two blogs (one entry per blog followed) (Inspired Change and Through the Eyes of Dolls)
2) Go to and leave me a comment here on what item you loved the most on their website.
3) Follow my facebook page (Melz Creations)
4) Post in your blog about my give away with a link back to this page!

In your comment tell me which numbers you have completed and which blogs you follow (so I know how many times to enter your name) tell me what item you love on, and give me a link to your post about my give away!

Still interested in My Memories but unsure? Check out their blog, facebook, and twitter! (Don't forget to follow them)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spider Web (Glow in the Dark) Scarf

This scarf is made from a spiderweb pattern I attempted to recreate by looking at it. That black is shimmer yarn and the white is glow in the dark yarn. Each web is approximately 4 inches. 52 inches in total for the scarf.

Each Web created seperate and then joined together.

The scarf is all hand crocheted and designed by Melissa of MelzCreations.

Falling Leaves Scarf

My hand designed and hand crocheted Falling Leaf Scarf. This scarf is 5.5 inches wide by 73 inches long. The scarf is wide stripes of Coffee and Cafe colored worsted yarn. Each leaf is hand crocheted (and each is unique) by me, then hand sewed on with matching yarn.

The leaves are all in unique fall colors.

The complete scarf and design is created by Melissa of MelzCreations

Breezy Scarflette

This decorative 'scarflette' is created for looks, not warmth, haha!

The circle you pass the leaves through is hand dyed wool yarn (I dyed last year) and the leaves are matching. The Scarflette strands are worsted red yarn. Each leaf was hand crocheted and sewed on.

There are three leaves to this scarf. This scarf is 35 inches long. It can also be used as a belt.

I plan to make a matching one to this except with snowflakes in place of leaves.

Scarflette designed and hand made by Melissa of MelzCreations

Most Recent Creations

Zun Scarf - Inspiration to Thrive for your own Happiness

I have a few creations ready to show. Recently I have been unable to sleep so I have been busy at night creating away. For an upcoming craft show, and possible sale to a local store I have been crafting some new and unique scarves. I have photos to soon upload on each one.

My recent ones include:
1) Spider Web Scarf with glow in the dark yarn and black sparkle yarn.
2) Falling Leaf Scarf with large stripes of color and hand crocheted and sewn on leaves of all fall colors.
3) Breezy Leaf Scarflette with hand dyed red wool yarn.

And my special scarf I am keeping (but reproducing now)
My Zun Scarf. It is made of about 207 stripes (A whooping 8 foot long scarf!) of alternating colors. If you are curious why it is called a Zun Scarf and what it stands for please see my other blog Inspired Change.