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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Recent Creations

Zun Scarf - Inspiration to Thrive for your own Happiness

I have a few creations ready to show. Recently I have been unable to sleep so I have been busy at night creating away. For an upcoming craft show, and possible sale to a local store I have been crafting some new and unique scarves. I have photos to soon upload on each one.

My recent ones include:
1) Spider Web Scarf with glow in the dark yarn and black sparkle yarn.
2) Falling Leaf Scarf with large stripes of color and hand crocheted and sewn on leaves of all fall colors.
3) Breezy Leaf Scarflette with hand dyed red wool yarn.

And my special scarf I am keeping (but reproducing now)
My Zun Scarf. It is made of about 207 stripes (A whooping 8 foot long scarf!) of alternating colors. If you are curious why it is called a Zun Scarf and what it stands for please see my other blog Inspired Change.


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