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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Long time no posts? Bad blogger am I! Read my post for a free surprise at the end :)

I am unsure of the reason blogger says I wrote this 6 days ago, today is October-14-2013 so please ignore the wrong date above (unless of course this is the doing of The Doctor, in which case I guess I'm a time traveler now!!)

Been a long while since I've been back to my blogging. As always life away from my computer has dominated my time. I've been on the busy road of life recently, my daughter had her first injury which required a trip to the ER and tests as follow ups. She is doing well and everything is alright as of now (whew).

Busy craft show coming up (Oct 19&20) and I've been crafting my fingers raw! I'll also being uploading pictures of all my creations in the near future. I have been trying out a few new designs. Crochet dreadlocks, yarn falls, and crocheted bobby pin hair pieces. 

Few sneak peeks of my designs: (Sneak Peak Pictures are not my best looking photos, excuse my late night pictures hehe)
(Steampunk hair clip $17 each or two for $30)
 (Hair falls $18 each)
 (Sister Kitties $15 each or both for $25) 

Now for being my loyal followers and reading this LONG overdue post there is a free gift below for you to check out...

Now on to the fun stuff! This week, and this week only, I am giving away FREE version 4 of My Memories Suite. Just head over to their website, and paste this special code at checkout FreeTreatAL51 (this is the digital download only) if you want a cd copy you will have to pay shipping. Tell your friends to follow my blog and they are welcome to use my code too! But be quick it is only active today (10-14) through 10-21 :)

Thanks for following me and dealing with my long and slow updates! 

~ Melz

And by the way after the craft show anything that doesn't well will be up for sale in my etsy shop!

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